Emerald Infotainment Specialists provides a total solution for dealerships, specifically for the following prevalent problems:

  • Challenges operating and properly demonstrating in-vehicle technology/infotainment systems/Android Auto/Apple CarPlay

  • Low CSI scores related to demonstrating technological aspects of the vehicle 

  • Obstacles connecting with the modern-day car buyer during the sales process

  • Low customer retention in the service department

  • High employee turnover rates, both in the sales and service departments.

We do this by putting a larger focus on in-vehicle technology in multiple different facets of the dealership; see each department for more information!



In-Vehicle Technology’s Impact on Purchase Decision

•    Vehicle tech now ranks ahead of exterior styling when it comes to deciding which car to buy. ⁷
•    Many of the top desired features of vehicles by consumers revolve around the vehicle’s technology.
•    Nearly 60% of millennials and 42% of baby boomers would switch vehicle brands to get the technology they want. ⁷